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פיתוח מוצרי צריכה אקטרוניים ואלקטרואופטיים
Movie: VoIP Gateway  

פיתוח מוצרים אבי טיפוס ודגמים

VoIP Gateway system - included 4 injected parts

העברה מפיתוח לייצור  פיתוח מוצרים

  Final Product in a Blister Pack


A VoIP Gateway






VoIP applications allowing low cost telephone communication (such as Skype) developed alongside with the broadband Internet entry to the homes. A VoIP software for PC uses the built in microphone and speaker to generate a full duplex telephone link. CSTM has developed a consumer product that routes the I\O from the computer's sound card to the the standard phone. This allows the user to enjoy both a standard phone line and an Internet VoIP line in a single phone.


Spec requirements were as follows:
a. Allow the use of two lines simultaneously via a standard phone, and switch between them when needed.
b. Provide an indication for incoming calls and for a line on hold.
c. Disconnect the speakers and microphone for an incoming VoIP call
d. Suppress echo Signals
e. Automatic activation of an internal speaker (to ring) in case there are no external speakers


 Transfer to production - CSTM's work content:
• Realize three engineering prototypes:
   - An accessory prototype
   - A DECT embedded prototype
   - A wireless phone prototype
• Planning and implementation of production prototype (PP)
• Working closely with a regulation Institute
• Approval from the FCC and the Israeli Ministry of Communications
• Preparation of a production file and BOM management
• Pilot evaluation and setting up the QC
• Technical writing of the Reference Manual in a few languages


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