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Active alignment station

פיתוח תכנון ומימוש צב"ד תהליכי






פיתוח צב"ד הרכבה בכיוונון אקטיבי

A customized 4DF active alignment workstation for assembly of a miniature camera

  פיתוח מכניזם למיקוד עדשת מצלמה

The focusing mechanism can go in and out in order not to block the camera's field of view



CSTM has developed a custom desktop workstation for active alignment assembly of miniature cameras.

The system requirements were as follows:
• Focus calibration by moving the lens in\out of a housing along it's OA (Z axis)
• XY calibration  (to an accuracy of 4 micron) of the camera circuit relative to said housing
• Angular Tz calibration (to an accuracy of 1mRad) of the camera circuit relative to an external target
• Mounting of the camera housing relative to the target (to an accuracy of 1mRad )
• All calibrations are actively aligned by a video feedback
• Reliable bond fixation after the active alignment stage
• A manual desktop system

The challenge in this system was the need to integrate the focusing mechanism in a way that will not conflict with the manipulation. The mechanical solution given converged to the following concept:
a. Camera housings that  can be clamped accurately to an optical bench which is part of the target
b. Vacuum mounting of the camera circuit to the XYTz manipulator
c. Lens will be preassembled into a threaded housing that will mechanically interface with the focusing mechanism which will screw it into the housing
d. A focusing mechanism that can be removed from the FOV of the camera during focusing.




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