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פיתוח מיזעור מצלמות מאופטיקה מוזרקת קופסאות זיווד אלקטרוני פיתוח ואספקה פיתוח צב"ד לתחנות ביקורת איכות

Prototyping & development

 Packaging solutions

  Custom work benches


CSTM R&D solutions specializes in three major fields

 תחנות בדיקה בתהליך תכנון ומימוש



Process line Support
• Development and  realization of custom parametric test benches
• Development of facilities and equipment: Work and calibration stations, Tools (Jigs & Fixtures)
• Failure analysis and yield improvement
• Transfer from development to production - cost reduction, component engineering, BOM management
Relevant projects: Dimensional metering of wafers, a dedicated jitter-mixing machine, test jig for a MEMS component , tablet packaging machine, test equipment for examining the durability and boresight of gunsights, laser knife integration process, injection quality tester, optical imaging solutions for machine vision, failure analysis of a lens injection process, quality tester of Germanium windows, and more ...

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  פיתוח מוצר דגם אבטיפוס אלקטרואופטי



Development of products and models
• Development of prototype models which include optics, mechanics and electronics. Engineering support for entrepreneurs and startups for the  sake of a feasibility study, concept investigation or demonstration to investors.
• Transfer from development to production - converting engineering prototypes to products, component engineering for BOM cost reduction, and preparation of production file.

Relevant projects: VoIP consumer electronic product,  Miniature periscope, a dedicated document scanner, Shooting simulator, 3D laser projector, a laser projected virtual keyboard, a desktop video laser projector,  Miniaturization of a camera, and more ...

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  פיתרונות מיזעור התקנים  זיווד אלקטרואופטיקה



Micro and macro housing solutions
Housing solutions from the Macro level of electronic and electro-optic assemblies, to the Micro level of encapsulating an individual component (Optic, Electronic).

Relevant projects: Enclosure for a complex communication switch, Housing lenses and optical assemblies, minimization of a laser projection system, Custom LED housing, and more ...

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