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CSTM's accumulated multidisciplinary experience enables it to undertake engineering projects with an integrated nature and to come up with original "out of the box" solutions. The company  works as a single stop realization house and operates external simulation and software subcontractors when needed,  undertaking responsibility for delivery; thus our customers benefit  from  a single address to all their related technical concerns.

CSTM  undertakes projects that fall under the following engineering categories:
A. Test and processing  equipment  - specializing in parametric testers
B. Development of products and models - specializing in electro-optics
C. Micro and macro housing  solutions  - specializing  in optical encapsulation

CSTM undertakes the following types of work:
• Engineering and R&D support at Fix Price Best Effort terms
• Contracts turnkey Solutions for production lines
• Serial small scale manufacture and assembly
• Transfer to production phase (In-house component engineering and BOM management)


תהנדסה אלקטרואופטית תכנון אופטי מכאני

 Optical Engineering


• Optical design
• Tolerancing
• Component manufacturing and system prototyping
• System analysis and performance simulation

 פיתוח מימוש וייצור כרטיסי אלקטרוניקה

 Electronic Engineering


• Combination of hardware and SW components: uC, FPGA, CPLD, SoC, DSP
• Placement technologies: BGA, CSP, FLIP CHIP, WIRE BONDING, COB
• Electronic design, System architecture
• Layout, manufacture and packaging of PCBs

 פיתרונות מכאניים  תכנון הנדסי ומימוש

Mechanical Engineering


• Mechanical design and  engineering
• Packaging solutions, Mechano optics, electronic packaging, component packaging
• Motion systems: Engines, Pneumatics, Hydraulics
• Tooling: custom tools jigs and fixtures


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