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Multielement Optomechanics challenges the designer with accurate positioning problems in the entire work envelope.

Optomechanical Solutions



CSTM  specializes in providing  Optomechanical solutions.  The company has accumulated experience and knowhow in realizing  optical assemblies comprised of glass and plastic elements, miniature cameras and various light sources.

תכנון אופטומכאני מיזעור  מערכת אופטית

An 8 DOF Optomechanical system, for generating a virtual laser diode from two conventional laser diodes. Used in a slide projector with uniform light distribution.

Uniform image laser slide projector
In this project two 5.6mm laser diodes were used to create a superior virtual laser diode. The overall light power that is radiated to the projected field does not change compared to a standard projector design, since from every laser diode only 50% of the energy hits the slide. The advantage of the dual projection method  is that the observed image is more uniform in desktop projection.
This projector comprises:
a. two laser diodes
b. a folding prismatic mirror
c. a heat Sink
d. two adjustable joints
The operating principle of the projector is to combine the two point sources to one virtual point source in a way that the low intensity side lobes of the each of the beams is brought to the center of the field and the high intensity middle lobe of each of the beams is brought to the left and right sides of the field.

 מימוש תכנון אופטי ברכיבי מדף

A  customized wide beam angular compressor for a laser projector beam. Realized from 15 shelf items.

   Angular compressor of a laser projector beam
An assembly that accepts light from a video laser projector with wide angle scanning beam, and emits it compressed to the following processing block.
The assembly was required to:
• maintain the quality of the laser image
• decrease beam intensity to a safety level
• focus the beam emerging from the exit pupil
• shrink the projector's cone angle by a factor of 10
The preferred solution included 2 doublets in an adjustable sleeve and 3 separated NDs.  A total of 15  shelf items were used in this solution.

הנדסת מיזעור מערכת אופטומכאנית אלקטרואופטית

A custom intensity profile  line generator assembly


Custom line generator assembly
This assembly generates a thin light fan with a head angle of 110o. The assembly uses a pair of cylindrical lenses that are clamped together in front of a collimated laser beam, in order to obtain an intensity profile that is strong at the sides and weak at the center.  The two glass rods are pressed to one another in an accurate symmetric way by a spring element. The housing was manufactured with a single CNC clamping in order to meet tolerance requirements.

The assembly includes:
a. heat sink
b. laser diode
c. two cylindrical lenses
d. focusable collimation lens
e. folding mirror

מכנואופטיקה הנדסת מיזעור מערכת אלקטרואופטית

A  folded laser projector, for oblique projection of a focused image from a height of about 60mm


Custom folded laser projector
This laser projector assembly is used for projecting a tilted image upon a desktop from a height of about 60 mm. The housing was manufactured with a single CNC clamping in order to meet tolerance requirements. The size of the projector can be seen by comparing it to the 5.6mm diameter of the laser diode.

The projector is comprised from the following elements:
a. laser diode
b. folding mirror
c heat Sink.
d. Focusable collimation lens
e. Hologram


 הנדסת מערכת אופטומכאנית גוניומטר מעבדתי

Low cost scalable goniometer developed by CSTM for large size applications.

  Unique Goniometer
CSTM has invented and developed a Goniometer with a unique mechanism that is inexpensive to manufacture. Goniometer is a device for rotating an object about an external axis.
CSTM's Goniometer has two advantages:
a. Customization - the dimensions of the work surface and the radius of rotation can be set to specific values depending on the customer's application.
b. Scaling - the design is easily scalable. It is possible to reach a sizable Goniometer having dimensions of about 1m or more. Such a device can find applications in large optics test equipment, such as solar trackers or hemispherical positioners etc.

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