CSTM undertakes engineering projects that fall under the following categories:

o Electro Optical engineering and realization of Optical assemblies
o Failure analysis and performance analysis of electro-optical systems
o System Development (equipment, facility, product, model, prototype)
o Transfer to production (from prototype to finished product)
o Development and yield improvement of production processes
o Custom testers for process control, jigs, tooling fixtures

CSTM aims to undertake outsourcing projects which can be conducted in the following  structured manner:
Initial examination – receive a TOP LEVEL specification. evaluate the nature of work and estimate the required SOW and budget for the entire project. Quote for a concept phase  (if relevant)
Concept phase – analyze realization options. conduct a feasibility study and experimentation (if necessary) . Arrive at a technical spec and an SOW.
Bid – based on the SOW, the DELIVERABLES and the required MILESTONES.
Engineering design – Preliminary design stage (PDR) and Critical design stage (CDR).
Realization – purchase, manufacture and integration
Improvement phase – repeated rounds of evaluation and improvement to reach a satisfactory result per spec.
Delivery – of defined DELIVERABLES per milestone.